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Nakenterprise 2024 Record Label Talent Event
Nakenterprise 2024 Record Label Talent Event
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Jim Barbaro  ... is a Singer-Songwriter performing Acoustic, Rock (progressive), and Jazz music.

Jim's songs are like vignettes or sketches, and each is a musical chapter that fuses rock, classical,western ,jazz and folk. Whatever the style, the underlying mood is always passionate,romantic and melodic.When you get your hands on a Jim Barbaro CD,you get a healthy pallette of spanish guitars, violin,cello,dobros trumpet, pedal steel as well as traditional rock and folk instruments.It all gets topped off and woven together by Jim's dynamic, full throated vocals that range from deep and souful to rough 'n' gritty to satiny smooth. In a marketing driven industry where artists are discouraged from jumping from genre to genre, Barbaro is not afraid to take that leap and explore the many worlds music has to offer. And all you adventurous and multi-dimensional music lovers are free to come along for the ride.

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Contact Info
Location: Ulster County, NY
Phone: (845) 430-1132

I Carried A Torch For You

Mend The World

CDs by Jim Barbaro

 Hotel Universe 2019
Rock (modern), Acoustic, and Contemporary
Jim's 4th and latest CD featuring 17 dynamic tracks

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